Earlier we saw the #occupywallstreet protests starting on September 17th. They protest for freedom and equality for the 99% that and have put their sights on Wall Street for that. The 99% shouldn’t only get a fair share of the worlds wealth, but have equal decision rights as well.

Choosing representatives that do not keep their promises is NOT a democracy. A country that has national debt because of the monopoly position of the banks on creating money is NOT a free country.

#OccupyDenHaag is a movement in cooperation with the #globalchange and #occupytogether protests. We want to use non-violent protests to draw attention to these subjects.

We invite everyone to look with us for solutions and to achieve positive change with us! Progress, looking forward, cooperation and becoming aware are the keywords for these protests.


  1. The reason for the idea of 99% is that here in the US, the super rich have been manipulating the political system for decades to get more of America’s wealth for themselves. This situation is like that of Egypt, where a small elite controlled the nation’s wealth.

    What you have in the Netherlands also includes destruction of your national identity and culture. First of all, Pim Fortuyn is not a hero! He took advantage of a perfect storm of discontent with the Purple Coalition, criminal problems and the 9-11 attacks.

    You wonderful Dutch people are losing your national identity, culture and history over a phony “Islamisation” myth and the identity crisis stoked by Fortuyn, Wilders and others, aided by American-Israeli interests. They are stealing from you as they are from us. They dismantling your nation, including your military – while the crazies scream nonsense about Muslims!

    I know it’s hard to call yourself a Leftist in your country. Don’t be afraid to be proud of being Left: links en trots!

  2. Behoorlijk interessant! Alweer wat geleerd. Ben je van plan hier nog meer over plaatsen? Ik ben erg verrast in ieder geval.

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